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Our Customer Reviews

She is absolutely amazing. I adore her drive and determination. She will fight for you.

Brittni Patricia, 11/12/2020

She's an awesome Attorney glad to have her by my side more than once.

John Moraco, 04/11/2020

Sharon is an incredible lawyer and her staff is extremely helpful. She knows what she is doing and she fights for her clients and makes sure that no rock is left unturned during court hearings. I highly recommend it.

Destin Rogers, 04/14/2019

Helping me through the hardest time of my life. Amazing attorney and shows genuine concern for me and my daughter.... Though this has been a stressful, often agonizing process, Sharon has maintained professionalism and true compassion.

Kimi, 04/06/2019

Here we are again utilizing Sharon Brunner's expertise for a legal matter in Victorville, California. May I just say, since the last review I wrote regarding her office staff, things have changed drastically and for the better. This time around, Ms. Brunner's office staff is top-notch and very efficient! I have had nothing but excellent communication and nearly immediate response times. I highly recommend her. If there's a legal angle, she will find it. We are extremely pleased with the results thus far and would use her services, again.

Roni Moraco, 04/05/2019

I wish I had the money to afford this attorney, she is very knowledgeable and straightforward. If you are faced with a family law dilemma and are just an average citizen I urge you to seriously consider Miss Brunner. She's fabulous.

Warren Demers, 04/14/2018

She is a good attorney she worked hard on my case a couple of years ago and kept my daughter with me.

Marina V, 04/15/2018

Miss Sharon Bruner work really hard on my case and she won I think she is the best attorney hands down she's great at what she does and she's really polite her and her staff.

Wendy Acosta, 04/21/2018

A few years ago Sharon accepted a custody case when we had an issue and lived out of state. I've got to be honest, the office staff wasn't as top notch as a lot of atty offices. However, Sharon herself was incredibly 'human' and caring. It might have taken several phone calls to get through to her but, when we did, she held up her end of the deal. We were quite impressed with her compassion and knowledge of the legal system there in the low desert. We also should mention that at the conclusion of our case, Sharon RETURNED a large portion of our retainer when she most likely could have factored those monies into the accounting system as justifiable expenses (like those endless phone calls) But, Sharon made sure it was handled honestly. We highly recommend Sharon and would use her again.

Roni Lynn Moraco, 04/07/2019

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