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Get Premier Legal Representation for Your Civil Rights Defense

The abuse of power is always wrong. When that abuse of power, especially by those who are in power, violates your civil rights, it is time to do something to stand up. At Law Offices of Sharon J. Brunner, we can help you take back justice and get the restitution you deserve after your rights have been compromised. Our firm acts under the laws of the United States and the Bill of Rights to protect you from misconduct. If you’ve suffered excessive force, unlawful search seizure, or cruel and unusual punishment – even while incarcerated – our firm will represent you.

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Our Practice Areas

Law Offices of Sharon J. Brunner specializes in police brutality, wrongful imprisonment, police shootings, and other egregious civil rights violations. Attorney Brunner and our firm have worked with families, activists, and prison inmates whose rights have been violated and are seeking compensation. Our legal teams will communicate with you directly, collect information, seek out the truth through expert witness testimony, and skillfully represent you in court to get you and your loved ones the compensation you deserve. Our practice areas include:

  • Police Misconduct
  • Prison Misconduct
  • Deliberate Indifference Violations
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Police Misconduct

In recent years, the most notable cases of civil rights violations came from unlawful shootings by the police. Some of these shootings were justified, and some were not. Our firm seeks out the truth of these cases and whether your rights were violated by excessive use of force. In addition, Attorney Brunner investigates and tries unreasonable search and seizure, cruel and unusual punishment, and wrongful imprisonment cases as well. We know that any form of excessive force is a violation of your civil rights and should be acknowledged and punished under the law. That is where we can aid you.

Prison Misconduct

When you are incarcerated, you may sacrifice your freedom but not your civil rights. Unfortunately, rampant corruption and civil rights violations run rampant throughout the prison system within the United States. Prison staff wields their power with disregard for the inmates within the system, resulting in physical and sexual assault on both men and women. Law Offices of Sharon J. Brunner works with the National Prison Rape Elimination Commission (NPREC) and other protective agencies to investigate these crimes and bring misconduct in the prison systems to light. We hold parties accountable within the corrections system and restore the civil rights and dignity of our clients and their loved ones under the law, giving them the protections, restitution, and peace of mind they deserve.

Deliberate Indifference Violations

Aside from physical and sexual abuse, corrections officers and staff can violate an inmate’s civil rights by not taking action when they should. If they ignore an inmate’s medical needs, that is a civil rights violation. If a corrections officer’s inaction results in an inmate’s suicide, that is a civil rights violation. There are many instances where an incarcerated person’s rights can be violated. Our firm prosecutes them all. We help our clients and their families stop being victims and take back their lives through brave and just action and uphold the established tenets of the law.

Contact Our Firm if Your Civil Rights Have Been Violated

Civil rights violations are serious. When yours have been disregarded or otherwise infringed, you have an advocate in our firm. Law Offices of Sharon J. Brunner will stand by your side, prosecute those responsible, and help be your defense when those in power misuse it. Contact us today for your free legal consultation and get the justice you deserve.

Get the Best Defense You Can Under the Law