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Skilled Legal Representation for Your Unique Case

A Law Firm that Will Fight for You

Defend Your Rights Under the Law

When it comes to legal matters, you can’t leave anything to chance. Your livelihood, your freedom, your life may be at stake. You need an attorney with the skills, intelligence, and experience to give you the best defense possible in accordance with the law. Let Law Offices of Sharon J. Brunner be your advocate and help you get the best outcome for your case.

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Individualized Service and Attention You Deserve

Specializing in family, criminal, and personal injury law, our law office offers you the individualized service and attention you deserve for your unique case. We listen to you, give you the right guidance from our expert legal assessments, and work with you to create a strategy that wins. Our entire staff is hands-on when handling your case and provides aggressive, intelligent representation for your most pressing personal legal issues.

If you are under attack or investigation, don’t go it alone. Turn to Attorney Sharon J. Brunner and get the legal representation you deserve from a firm that will fight for you.

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Premier Legal Assistance in Uncertain Times

In times of social unrest, it is essential to protect yourself under the law. Unexpected events seem to occur every day, and you need to defend your rights and get the compensation you’re entitled to when they do. Law Offices of Sharon J. Brunner takes every case very seriously and strives for the best possible outcome at every turn. Whether government agencies have violated your rights, you’ve been injured at work, or you’re seeking what is right for your family, we can be there for you. We know the laws and use that expertise in your defense, from investigation to settlement to the presentation at trial. We will communicate with you, answer all your questions at every stage, and ensure you receive the experience you expect from the best. Trust our firm and Attorney Sharon J. Brunner to be there for you when it matters most.

We serve Barstow, Victorville, Big Bear, and San Bernardino, CA, Courts.

Get the Best Defense You Can Under the Law. Contact Our Firm Today for Your Free Legal Consultation.

Law Offices of Sharon J. Brunner

14393 Park Ave, Suite 100
Victorville, CA 92392


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